Below are the 2018 Art on the Ave Grub Crawl participants. Check back to learn which of your favorite restaurants will be offering a sweet treat or a savory bite for $6 for you and your friends.

Grub Crawl ​participating restaurants for 2018 are:


  • O’Malley’s – Corned Beef Tacos | 1st Place Winner! (A match made in heaven! Street taco style soft corn tortillas topped with corned beef, which is slow cooked in Guinness,  mexican cheese, crisp cabbage slaw, fresh made salsa, and cilantro lime aioli)
  • La Ca Bar – Grilled Beef Skewer (spicy) | 2nd Place
  • Asado – Burger Dip Empanada
  • Crown Bar – Avocado Toast (avocado, olive oil, black sea salt)
  • Engine House 9 – Focaccia Mini Pizza (Housemade Focaccia, Crushed Spiced San Marzano Tomatoes, Grande Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Parmesan Herb Dust)
  • Fish! Fish! Fish! – Haddock & Chips British (small)
  • Gateway to India – TBD
  • Jazzbones – Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Pizza Press – Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza
  • Spanky Burger & Brew​ – Sweet Aloha Burger ( melted Swiss American cheese, 2 grilled slices of ham, grilled pineapple, tomato, red onions, and a house made teriyaki mayo)


  • Ice Cream Social – S’more’s Sundae | 1st Place Winner! (homemade marshmallow ice cream, homemade graham cracker cookie, and chocolate fudge topping)
  • Legendary Donuts – Boozy Balls | 2nd Place (Raised Doughnuts with Bailey’s or BSB Cream)
  • O’Malley’s – Irish Apple Cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream Custard (A deliciously moist cake made from scratch with chunks of fresh, crisp apples and a rich drizzle of in house made Bailey’s Irish Cream custard to top it off)
  • Pizza Press – Beer Float

During the festival, three of your hometown judges (Aura Mae – the Kitchen Beautician, Ed Troyer – Pierce County Sheriff Spokesman, and Interim Tacoma Council Member Justin Camarata), will be visiting each participating restaurant and judging their entries for “Sweet Treats” and/or “Savory Bites”.  Once the votes have been compiled, the judges will then announce the winners at the Ice Cream Social’s sponsored stage in the TAPCO parking lot.

AoA Grub Crawl Judges 2018 | JustinCamarata, AuraMae, EdTroyer
AoA Grub Crawl Judges 2018 | Justin Camarata, Aura Mae, Ed Troyer
Each participating restaurant will display a sign in their front window showing that they are part of the Grub Crawl. The Crawl hours will be between Noon and 4pm.

Get ready to get your GRUB on!!!

Entries & Winners for 2017:

  • Ice Cream Social – Strawberry Shortcake (1st place Sweet Treat)
  • Legendary Doughnuts – Chocolate Covered S’more (2nd place Sweet Treat)​

  • The Pine Room – Meatball Slider with basil on potato baguette (1st place Savory Bite)​\
  • Gateway to India – Chicken with mint/cilantro sauce (2nd place Savory Bite)
  • Spanky’s – Peanut Butter Bacon Burger (a close third for Savory Bite)
  • O’Malleys – Reuben P​i​erogi & Guinness Cake
  • Jazzbones – Spam Sliders
  • E9 – BBQ Pork Flautas
  • Crown Bar – Pork Sliders​
  • Asado – Empanadas (with lamb, beef, chorizo and pine nuts with a chimichurri sauce on the side)
Art on the Ave Grub Crawl Judges 2017
Tacoma Council Member Robert Thoms, Pierce County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Ed Troyer, Aura Mae Your Kitchen Beautician, and Celebrity Judge Aaron Grissom judge the 2017 6th Ave Grub Crawl