We are in Sector 2 | Front Desk Phone: 253-573-2508

Core Businesses (2-2):
Officer Imtiaz Norling | 253-594-7961 | INorling@cityoftacoma.org

West End of 6th (2-3):
Officer Don Stodola | 253-594-7837

If you are reporting graffiti, please include a photo and email to Officer Norling. Or, you can use your Tacoma 311 App.

Emergency 911 = Life Threatening Situation/Crime in Progress/Imminent Danger

Non-Emergency Number: 253-798-4721

  • Disturbances (including loud radio or party)
  • Drinking in Public
  • Trespassing/Loitering
  • Cold Crime (not in progress)

Provide the following if possible:

  • Age/Height/Weight (approx)
  • Hair Color/Length
  • Facial Hair/Glasses/Unusual Characteristics
  • Clothing/Property in Possession
  • License Plate/Vehicle Description

Mental Health Crisis/Concern (not in progress): 1-800-576-7764

Homelessness Issues:
Homelessness Resources/Substance Abuse:

  • Positive Interactions: 253-382-2677
  • PATH Team: 253-396-5000

Print Positive Interactions Phone Number

Homeless Encampment/Human Habitation of a Vehicle: 311 or cityoftacoma.org/tacomaFIRST

Domesticated Animal Problem: Tacoma Animal Control 253-627-7387

Abandoned Auto Hotline: 311 or 253-591-5956

TPD Drug Tips Hotline: 253-475-2725

Graffitti: 311 or 253-591-5119 (for removal along a key corridor)

File a non-violent report: https://tacomasafe.org

Request a police report: www.wouthsound911.org/157/Public-Records-Requests

Found Syringe in Neighborhood: Tacoma Needle Exchange: 253-381-5229